Growing up in contact with nature on the shores of Lake Maggiore, among natural woods and hydrangea gardens, Betti Calani has a true passion for art, nature and flowers, which she has cultivated with such dedication that she was able to make it, as each of us dreams, in her work.

Curiosity – which, in her case, is a real “propulsion engine” – has driven her to travel all over Europe (and not only), to visit beautiful gardens and to meet internationally renowned florists.

Betti is the paradigm of the perfect balance between technique, acquired in the long years of activity and refined with the obtaining of the European Florist diploma at the Federfiori National School, and creativity, which she likes to define as her best “companion of adventures”.

Her compositions, the maximum expression of “natural chic” style, strike the observer for their sober elegance and innovation, to which Betti is deeply attentive, so much so that she often anticipates fashions.

In addition to flower arrangements, which she creates for private individuals and companies, Betti holds flower arrangement lessons, both in her well-known “Spazio Corsi” in Carnago (Va) and in Pombia (No), in Cascina Mergozzo 13, an ancient residence in the Ticino Valley, where it is also possible to stay.

He has a famous blog, “passeggiandoingiardino”, which has become, in recent years, a real institution in the field, and is currently completing her first book.